The Children of Homosexuals

by thejamilechoesblog

Today I got to thinking about children and the environments they are raised in. Wondering if being in a homosexual household is any different from being in a heterosexual household? And if so what are the challenges? What is the difference? I am aware that it’s a divine balance between man and women in a heterosexual household. What balance is their between women and women? Or man and man? Observing homosexual households I have noticed that a lot of homosexuals adopt children that come from poverty majority adopt from third world countries. Children from my personal experience just want unconditional love. As a homosexual African American male I ponder on the possibility of having children and how I should raise my children. Like myself I have a lot of friends and networking associates homosexual men and women, Transgenders that struggle with raising children and if we should follow the conventional way to a house hold environment?