The Art Of Love

by thejamilechoesblog

The Art of Love.

Today I woke up with a heavy heart and I thought about love, energy of love. I wonder sometimes how many of us are afraid to love or in order to love another human being that individual has to love us before we can even begin to open are hearts and souls. I soon began to think about all the times I wanted to control love and make someone love me, If not there was no opening up or real soul connection .

As the day went on I seen it all over everywhere I went I could see we live in a world full of hurt individuals who once loved with all of their hearts as they evolved that relationship went down under leaving them empty, cold ,alone… in most cases bitter. I’ve always known hurt people hurt people weather if its emationally,physccally even spiritually this cycle never ends because we all at some point identify with pain, hurt which that energy creates more of pain and hurt in our “own world” with this repetitive cycle shuts love out. There lye’s an interconnective love inside of all of us when we embrace that love unconditionally we then can release the energy of love effortlessly. You don’t know how many beautiful individuals I’ve met that wanted love but with the self identification of the past and identifying with the future leaves the present moment powerless. Just like others I too would engage and seek love the first statments I’ve been through this, I’ve done that, I have seen and heard it all before, You don’t know what I’ve been through.Unconusiouly identifying with pain.

So when we ask ourselves this moment this exact moment am I in pain..(Don’t think) state of no mind. In this present moment there can only be the energy of love, joy, if the present moment for you is pain its only a challenge to stay present.Infact most people believe love is far away located on some other planet they became disconnected from, Love is nowhere else but in your being not the next room a week from now or maybe when I finish college and have a career know about ten years ten years I will be ready to take on love and love someone fully. There is no search love is already alive within you and when we meet someone we think that person is to complete us take away the “pain and hurt”(The Past) .The only way this can ever happen is through complete presence of your being that’s only where true healing is. In my experience in life and all my relationships with friends and family, Romantic relationships I have learned real true love is only determined by how much you give not about how much you can take. Which brings us back to the endless cycle of hurt people hurt people?

“So I’m going to bottle up this life force inside of me (love) and one day just one day someone will pop the top off and allow me to love? That I already own”

.Once we remove the ego which creates pain, hurt and past, future Identify we allow the present energy of love and all that is (life).Once we can show love unconditional love, universal love to all that is we own love and all that is our energy field becomes the epitome of love once you own it you will attract it. Yes in all relationships there are challenges two complete different polar extreme energies merging together on this journey can cause the ego to come forth, the moment something goes wrong that same script you replay in your head I’ve been hurt so on and so forth identifying with the past, or trying to identifying with the future. The only way you can have successful relationships weather its romantic, friendships, family is through total acceptance to all that is the present moment. In this state we no longer Identify with negative nor is positive life just. Only through presence can we evolve.

For those of you reading this the last year or so I have done a deep study on me my relationships, and love. As an artist evolution is not an option, jus like water I shift merge and move around at times I rise there are times I may fall but everything I have stated above are observations of myself and endless research from some of the most powerful people known in the media. From Oprah Winfrey,Will and Jada Smith,Barack ,Michelle Obama, Julia Roberts, and countless other individuals who have made their life the epitome of consciousness and spiritual evolution. Every story is different as human beings our ego mind patterns are connected