by thejamilechoesblog

Often times as human beings we think happiness, love, dreams are somewhere away from us. After we get our career started after we meet that perfect person and buy our dream house with our dream family. Maybe when we become famous, Most of us believe it’s somewhere in the gray area. Like many of you I too us to walk through life always searching for something else and or someone else. I use to believe it was always right around the corner!
Well recently I got involved with an individual who made me look at myself and I had to look in the mirror. Not because I want to become comprehensive by him, but because I realized my life was always around the corner. Realizing I searched for love, flowers and affection, I found the lesson of what love really is; authentic love is about how much you can give. And the love we seek for is within us and will always be there. When you own your love the person or people in your life are just adding on to what you have internally. And hey some of them may not know how to love so we must continue to shine our light. Hopefully they too can be healed and love again. When it came to my success and aspirations, i.eThe book I always wanted to wright I put that off for a few months. The people I wanted to surround myself with became an illusion. The 30lbs I wanted to shed off, “maybe after Christmas”. It’s flagrant that Success and obtaining goals is somewhere but in the now. Days became weeks and soon turned into months then our lives turn into turmoil. We have to realize every moment is a reflection of this exact moment. I attest for sure that when you are fully present and have perseverance to endure the trials and error everything we want then is simply tangible. By all means I’m not an expert on life, I just opened these eyes to everyone around me and I just refused to look back twenty years later and asked what if? Or what could have been? I sat in silence and asked GOD what can be? How can I be used to serve you? What is it I’m here for? What is my deeper purpose on earth? How is my art affecting other individuals? In those questions alone I was aligned with the answers. I have to live it, in order to find out.
I believe that happiness and joy are always in our lifes.Sometimes we are so weighed down by life’s lemons that when god orders us to make lemonade we refuse to taste the sugar. Happiness doesn’t necessarily have to be a bright smile or pretending to be happy when you want to cry. Happiness and joy are actually confronting those emotions and healing you, in self-healing we have peace; that is the only true joy we will can have. Your happiness level increases tremendously when you live a fulfilling life, when your motivation is God and or the universe. For those of you who that believe in GOD naught, then motivate yourself to lead a beautiful life and only then can you drink your glass of sweet homemade lemonade.