Live the life you are meant to live.

by thejamilechoesblog


Good day all,


Every single one of us is gifted in some shape way or form, It is imperative to not only know what your natural talents and gifts are, It is just as important to not compare your gifts negatively  with others. Many times we will not take the next step with our life because we are too focused on what our friend is doing, or our family members , someone else’s success we do not have our own life. This is to say there is no need to live vicariously through anyone; I have found that truly living and experiencing is not in the lens of some else way of being. The moment we can focus on what we are gifted with we then have a platform to express ourselves how we personally see fit.


It has been my personal experience that when you re discover your gifts and you truly live it everyday, You find that it requires nurture. Your Gift needs practice everyday. The same way you practice spirituality this is no different. Your gift is deeply connected to the creator which requires you to expansion, When your living in alignment with your calling your gift and the spiritual work are inseparable.

How Do I know what my gifts are? I have no Idea? I would say that it is up to you to fully become your highest authentic self. Your life depends on it, You were created to simply be this person. Take some time with yourself, Build a relationship with yourself. Discover what your strengths and weakness are. Then discover what brings you more joy when you do it? What makes your heart smile and completely opens your soul up. Usually it is something you are naturally trained in, If your not do not stress. Take time to master, study it. If you are willing to make mistakes, learn and re program your mind and learn to lean on the spirit who is to say you can’t? only you can speak that into existence and believe it.