A Life Of Giving

by thejamilechoesblog

A life of Giving.

A life of giving is one of the most fulfilling things we can do in this lifetime. When we give we give apart of our souls to someone else. Weather if it’s money,food, gifts, time, energy, conversation, affection and so on, It all comes from a still loving place that resides in our hearts. The universe is not asking you to give 5 million dollars but it is asking you to give away (freely) Without attachment. It is challenging to execute this spiritual idea in an egoistic society that we live in.

I find that giving teaches us the importance of oneness that we share, Also It nurtures our soul. I believe that we are created to give because the universe is so giving. When The universe gives to us it is not thinking about what it is going to loose, how it will make it up sometime in the future.

Give all you can, I promise you it will come back to you…It may not come back as soon as you give it, But you will always get it back in your heart.