Today I am willing to let go of anger!

by thejamilechoesblog


This afternoon I thought about the anger that I hold in my body and the people I choose to be angry with. Was this because I wanted to be angry or is it because I am hurt? As the the reasoning behind my anger come into my concouis mind, It dawned on me!I no longer have to be angry for any reason, Yes I can be aware of what took place and why I feel the way I do. However there is no need to have the negativity .

I am learning that when you are growing there comes a point where you have to be willing to let go of the anger. This includes anything that is keeping you back internally and externally. Today I felt a power of gentleness and love touch me with the releasing my anger.

For years I have been carrying around my inner anger and holding onto it like a precious child that I never wanted to put down, Anyone who tried to take my infant away I was willing to discard them as a person even if they have my best interest at heart.

You see when we use anger as our clutch to behave also treat ourselves poorly we only have that in our lives. If you are willing to let of anger, you are willing to love and be loved.