by thejamilechoesblog




We are all aware of Adam Lanza shooting;killing 26 people in total 20 children and six  adults that took place last week. My best friend and I were discussing Adam Lanza inquiring what was he dealing with physiologically. Often times in society we discard someone as a maniac that either deserves the death penalty or locked behind bars for the rest of their human existence. I disagree with this method of punishment because no matter the crime when we punish someone for their behavior we are emitting the same karmic energy towards that person. This is not to say that Adam Lanza is completely innocent ,due to the evidence we all see otherwise. I am suggesting another approach to healing and repairing our mental illnesses within our present human condition.

My heart goes out to those that are effective by this incident, Now is the time for every single one of us to love and nurture our children everyday. It starts at home, when we instill love and peace within our children we will build a world of love and peace.