The Lotus Mind

by thejamilechoesblog


It is said that the lotus plant is birthed in dark, murky waters. It can only thrive in the light by: embarrassing it’s environment, working alongside with the darkness and murky waters.
This is a similar process for the human psyche. When we are faced with ‘wound-ology’, pain, suffering, shame, neglect etc… We must address our innate dysfunction and allow the healing/ growth process to occur.
Due to our western civilization and culture we expect immediate results; with everything.
Often times many of us want to only dance in the light, not address our dysfunction. In-which when a real life spiritual or life crises becomes present we are ill-equipped to deal with it. We’ve yet to connect the dots. For those of us that utilize spiritual tools to ground ourselves in joy, love, ease, connectedness. Those same tools have to be used in dealing with mental and emotional turmoil; Intergrading the ‘positive,’ ‘negative’ states of being.

It’s easy to place an affirmation, smile and ‘good energy,’ over dysfunctional behaviors and pathology. This reaction enables us to habitually retrieve from healing and growth, allows to simply feel good for the moment. Until these patterns persist and we are forced to deal with ourselves.

You see, our dysfunction is asking for you to transform it into light and love. It’s asking for you to give it compassion, understanding and forgiveness. When you feel yourself depressed, hurt, bewildered, fearful, anxious, anger. Invite those feelings in with an open heart. Allow those feelings to speak to you, allow them to express themselves. If you must cry, then cry. If you must be angry for the moment allow it in. It is in these moments you’re completely open, willing to address your darkness. This is a huge aspect of self care and self love.