Am I Enough?

by thejamilechoesblog

Am I enough? 

I got to thinking about being enough, after a phone call I had with my good girlfriend. Within that conversation I found that she’d never been validated by her family, friends and, lovers. As she bemoaned, I simply listened with compassion. Apart of me wanted to not listen to any of it. Not because she was overwhelming. More so because I’ve been there before and I have no plans on going back… At all. 
It was in this moment I’d realized she wasn’t asking for answers, she didn’t need anymore ‘self help’ books, not a shrink. She needed warm compassion. I allowed her to vent and go through her entire relational pathology  beginning with family, then with her friendships, followed by her romantic relationships. Surprisingly enough, I found it rather interesting she’d became dismayed at her own emotional shortcomings.  Throughout the entire conversations she’d go back in forth with blame, shame and guilt, who she wanted to place it on. 
As she continued to passionately express her pain. She said, “I’m a good mother!” From this second she began speaking of her unconditional love she has for her kids, how much they truly adore her; She laughed with ease and joy. Somewhere within this conversation ( of me just listening,) she’d realized that in fact she was enough and she was always enough. She came to the conclusion that her relationships were all lessons for her heart. And she’d take every single lesson and share them with her children. She’d teach her children how important it is to be compassionate, kind, accepting and loving to all beings. She decided she was going to allow herself to heal from this pain and begin setting strong boundaries within her relationships with people who’d truly value her. 
The supernatural spiritual healing that comes from compassion is remarkable. ( If you’ve never tried it, try it today!) 
By time we got off the phone, I was assured that I am enough. And if I ever felt any lack, I could reflect on all the good that is present and know I will always be enough.