Knowing When To Let Go.

by thejamilechoesblog

We’ve all come to a point in our life where certain friendships, relationship(s) did not serve our higher purposes, integrity, values and overall quality of life. In such moments it can be challenging to let go of the bond, due to emotional attachment and history with that person(s). 
Often times we’ll keep a toxic bond present in our life because we’re afraid of not having another bond. Who would want to feel a sense of loss? Sometimes toxicity is all we know and, leaping into the unfamiliar can be frightening. It’s important to implement self work, inquiry to see what is keeping us connected to this bond. When we discover what’s keeping us blocked from our highest potential it’s easier to navigate and make decisions based on our values and worth verses our lack; we soon fly. 
By addressing any form of lack, depletion in our lives, we choose to heal that and also love it! We soon find ourselves forming bonds that are out of pure intents to share our love, values and our joy with people. We then do not form dysfunctional, toxic relationships, bonds. 
Alas, my friends give yourself the permission to release anything that is not conducive to your overall well being; without guilt!