Birth, Life, Death, Re-Birth.

by thejamilechoesblog


Birth, Life, Death, Rebirth.

As we move further into the Mercury retrograde many of our lives are being rearranged. This usually happens in a series of serendipitous events. It can range from the ending of old toxic relationships, friendships, careers, environments and simply just old ways of functioning that don’t support what is manifested into our life, and or your present state of consciousness. The moment our old lives, ways of being, begin to crumble… We try so desperately try to hold on to what was. Fair enough; we’re all human with emotions and sometimes we attach ourselves to things that can’t and won’t serve our highest good with longevity. Fighting to hold on to those things create suffering, it is only in those moments we truly learn that some things were simply not meant to last a lifetime. This is to say… Pain will slap us silly and we then make the choice to let go and deepen our path or we choose to hold on to the past creating the same patterns with the inability to create anew. As we gently choose to let go of what was ( sometimes it takes months, maybe even a year or two) to fully accept, heal and overcome our inner battles. This is the exact moment we realize that our positive affirmations, visualizations, meditations and crystals; refuse to save us in our crises. This is when we realize that nothing can save us because there is nothing to be saved! I mean come on…. We have all met that man or woman who has fought for their toxic, broke down marriage. We’ve all played the desperate card in the creation of our lives. You know the story: Getting angry with GOD, the universe because things didn’t happen how you thought they should, or maybe you didn’t think it was fair he/she was able to move on with out you… Perhaps he/ she cheated on you and now their happily married. Maybe that co-worker got the promotion and you felt it was unjust because you’ve been with the company longer and you deserve to be acknowledged. The point is: We must choose at some point to evolve our souls, lives in accordance to how GOD, universe see’s fit. Once we know what it truly required of us, we simply cannot ignore intuitive hits of direction, inspiration. Sabotaging and ignoring that guidance will only bring further self inflicted suffering.
Remember to be kind, gentle with yourself. In great transitions, transformations allow yourself the time you need to heal, take some time out for yourself. Sleep, take bubble baths, go on long walks, eat good food, connect with good people, masturbate and tend to your emotional life. No, not just the happy, joyful, loving feelings. Go deeper, go to that place inside yourself that you deny and shine love on it. Go deeper into your pathology, ask yourself and feel ( where am I giving my power away? And to what and I giving my power away?) Go deeper: Why do I hold beliefs that don’t work for me anymore? Go to that place of pain, listen to it- understand it, address it. GO deeper to that place of forgiveness that you’re with holding from yourself or others. Go deeper to that space where you meet GOD and be compassionate with yourself. No spiritual master has said life was a cake walk. They all say you have to show up for your practice and your life.

Happy transitions, transformations.

Touch each other with love,

Jamil Echoes.