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1483301_10152112708283185_1513254194_nTHE ROAD LESS TRAVELED.

After the storm has cleared, once we’ve gathered all of the broken pieces, shattered fragments of our identity and darkened heart and we choose to heal it. We then are faced with the next chapter in our life. We then are faced with having to decided which road we want to journey. We glance at the past, review every choice, every idea, every success, failure, fear, loss. We review every heartbreak, every venture, every excuse, every pain, every person that we’ve encountered. It is not until we’ve learned and mastered our lessons, karmic cycles that we then are given our new path. Our new path gives us the opportunity to implement and apply the lessons containing wisdom and knowledge we’ve learned from our past. The path isn’t familiar, it’s usually accompanied with new people, new landscapes and new love. This can terrify us because, we weren’t so ready to embrace nor progress on our new path. We didn’t realize that in order for us to move completely forward we would have to use every part of our being. We simply didn’t realize that in-order for us to move forward we cannot allow the past to dictate or instill a sense of fear of our present choices. The past is nothing more than a collection of personal historical lesson’s that we either use to destroy ourselves with or we use it to empower us. That single choice alone manifests the type of journey we will have on our new path. When follow divine guidance you will always create and live out your destiny. If you choose to operate from fear you will live out your fate. Now only you can choose, right now the attractions you’re subconsciously allowing your soul to experience.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard…” Look, I just don’t know what I am here to do.” What this person is truly saying is: “I know what I am here to do but I don’t know how to trust my self to co- create the life I am meant to live… Simply because I can’t make choices from my mind that are congruent with my heart. The external world has more control over my soul and I can’t operate from the level of grace. I sabotage divine guidance and I enjoy being the victim of my own circumstances.”

You see, when you are guided you have to be willing to give up all of the things that are preventing you from following that divine guidance. Many won’t follow it because it requires different wiring from within them. They no longer can operate from their ego’s, they no longer can use power games as a tool or a controlling force. In other words

“ The pent house is to much for me, I’ll take the bottom floor. At-least at that level, I know the laws of power. I can control, manipulate the things around me and I enjoy living in comfort.”- Caroline Myss :

Author of Why People don’t heal and Entering The Castle.

This person can’t see the totality of life because their soul refuses to evolve from the bottom floor.

If we are to acknowledge the divine presence in our lives, divine guidance we then are gifted with healing, direction, grace, stamina, clarity. We’re never given divine guidance without a purpose, cause and or unfolding of a higher order of grace being manifested within this world. This may birth in an inspirational art project, a new business, a friendship, perhaps going back to college. More times than not it’s simply calling that person you refuse to forgive and face it head on. Asking someone for forgiveness, Or it’s learning the laws of grace and love. Whatever you’re called to do in this life, Do it. Even if you can’t understand it. In the end we all must be madly in love with the life, legacy we’ve lived. That my friends is the soul purpose of taking THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED.