The End

by thejamilechoesblog

636031743830588588-1474219814_close-the-book-the-endTHE END!

We all desire, intently want happily ever afters with people. Sometimes we’re granted our innate desires to heal, and gain clarity, forgive and revive our bonds with people from our past. Other times, we’re left to do the work alone. Every situation has a unique set of circumstances that dictates which would be the best execution method. Today I would like to focus on being place in a situation and circumstance where you couldn’t heal with the other person. You may have reached out via text message, social media, phone calls, email. No matter what you did, for what ever reason the other person remains despondent. So you’ve prayed, bargained with God, you’ve strategized and floundered. The depression sets in, you begin to blame yourself and use pity and shame as a means to justify your situation; Your unwillingness to release the past and accept it for exactly as it is. We only have uncertainty, pain, discomfort, and dis ease with any given situation when we choose to not seek peace and forgiveness above all things.

Seeking peace within any situation isn’t easy. After all there many unanswered questions, thoughts and emotions that have you have not voiced or given expression to. So the question remains: “What do I do when someone won’t forgive me? But I want to have peace with them?” My personal answer and honest human advice is…. Begin calling your power back, begin owning your brokenness and re-claim your life. At this early, tender stage, we can get fearful because we realize that emotionally, psychically we must close the door to our past and we can only do that by re-claiming our power. We can be fearful because we’re afraid of what may happen if we out grow the person we hurt, or if we choose to heal and show up in our own lives as a manifestation of love, peace and we no longer serve their perception of who we once were. This is to say… We finally step into the power of God and we then become a willing participant with the co- creation of our life.

Let me inform you on a little secret that you may not be aware of. Your soul demands of you to shed the shame, fear, hurt, sadness and any weight from your past. Your soul demands that you choose to forgive yourself because you must learn from your choices, co- create new experiences. You cannot control the will of any human being. The moment you fully accept this, the moment you will not wait any longer to accept and love yourself. The brutal truth is that when we don’t forgive our self there are pieces of our soul fragmented in our past, which prevents us from becoming. So place the person that refuses to forgive you in this scenario. They too are subjected to the universal laws of karma.

Forgive yourself, move forward. Take action over your life and make choices that you’re proud of and can stand firm in with integrity and grace. You can only close a door to your past, retrieve your power from others once you’ve understood why you’ve given your power away.

Remember shutting a door doesn’t mean you stop caring, it simply means you’re no longer awaiting another persons acceptance and approval for you to be complete within yourself.