Does Our Black LGBT Lives Matter?

by thejamilechoesblog

Does Our Black LGBT Lives Matter?


We’re all aware of ‘Black Lives Matter’ and we’ve all projected our own opinions about this movement. Many non black Americans have dubbed this movement as troublesome and further creating racial tensions as well divisions within our country. Thus non black people have asininely failed to acknowledge that black lives are robbed everyday. The evidence pertaining to police brutality, white supremacy, prison industrial complex, systematic racism; Is continuously being dismissed and ultimately minimized to black lives being ‘problematic for America’s good and higher interest.’ Which is to say that we’re advised we’re in-fact responsible for our own mistreatment, suffering, injustices that we face within this country…

Many American’s have went on to believe that our President Barack Obama is to blame for our racial tensions in America. Where as I personally believe that we’ve always had these tensions; up until now we haven’t had our black lives, struggles amplified on national television and social media for the entire world to watch. Despite the video’s that demonstrate the social injustices we as black people face daily; we’re still discredited and further bashed for speaking our truth.

Causing a snowball effect, many of our community members aren’t acknowledged and or considered to be apart of the black community due to sexuality, sexual orientation. The black LGBT community is excluded from the protection, love, support from our fellow black community members at large. We’re isolated from our black churches; The birth place where black folks’ could come together to commune, educate, uplift, heal and simply be one with one another. The black church was also the avenue for black folk’ to communicate to their slave relatives, friends in different parts of the country.

Black LGBT individuals are then forced to migrate and create our own avenues of community outside of the black community, which results in further separation, more death in numbers of our black gay and trans lives. As we continue to fight for our freedom, equal rights, fair treatment…. I must ask the question: Does our black LGBT lives matter?