Finding Your Self Worth

by thejamilechoesblog


After dating, endless failed relationship cycles we begin to realize that we’re responsible for our life. That includes the quality of relationships and bonds that we form. It is only when we come to this realization that we take the steps to building a healthier relationship with self. When we begin to create a healthier relationship with self, we understand we must nurture our self worth, self love, and our over all value. We’re willing to take an honest look at ourselves, this means getting radically naked. We’re willing to stand in our pain, hurt, brokenness. We’re willing to stand in our lack, fear and shame and insecurities and pathologies we hold about ourselves. This is a process of course, building a healthy relationship with our self is a life long process. There is no easy magical formula, I know we all want one but trust me… Usually those methods are like band aids and don’t get to the root. As we begin to address pathologies that no longer serve us, as we confront our fears and pains and stand in all of it… We begin to take ownership of our selves. Step by step we shed layers of trauma, self doubt, etc. Step by step we begin to make choices in our life that reflect the work we’re doing for our self. We then understand that know person or external circumstance can fill or heal any voids or lack that we have. This means, we understand that no person is responsible for our happiness and it’s our mission and job to see to it that our needs are getting met. And if we so choose to enter a relationship, we will only allow someone into our space that honors, supports and adds value to the love we have our self and our life. We no longer are attracted to BOO BOO THE FOO! We’re no longer attracted to dysfunction and mediocrity. We’re no longer attracted to people, or anything external that doesn’t match our internal foundation of self worth. Finding and building our self worth means that we will not betray our self under any circumstances.

You can read all the books about how to get and keep a man, you can read all the books on seduction and how to do this and that… But the truth is simple. You must love, honor yourself above anything else. When you find and honor the value in yourself, you understand that the only person you can control is yourself. The only life you can live for is yours. You realize that, you’re worthy of the love you desire because you’ve given it to yourself. Take the first step and the rest of you will follow. Be gentle, compassionate with yourself,

After all you deserve it.