Lessons Learned

by thejamilechoesblog


When we reflect on our past it’s best to focus on the lessons that we’ve learned and engrained into our present waking life. It’s human nature to habitually replay the traumas in our minds. Hoping that we can find resolve, peace of mind and closure. Disappointing to only discover that we must simply accept the past for what it was, and move on. If we must focus on anything it should be the lesson that propels us forward in some way. This isn’t easy though, sometimes we so badly want a redo, we desire a second chance, we sometimes just want understanding and compassion. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve broken my own heart, time and time again trying to go back to the past to fix what was meant to remain broken. It was only my job to find peace and correct my behavior and or pathology and leave the rest to the universe. I have found that completion means the ending of a cycle and a beginning of a new cycle. Inevitably; Death is lurking on the horizon. It is terrifying embracing the new you, life is birthing. It is terrifying completely allowing the past to be put to rest and having no need to drive down that street again. To keep ourselves sane, we must find the divine lesson in everything that life offers us. For sometimes this is the only thing that bring us out of our darkness.

It is up to us to see to it that our hearts, souls make it out intact. It is up to us that we choose to love forward. Lesson learned.