Divine Intervention

by thejamilechoesblog


When divine intervention comes into play we don’t have control over external circumstances. The only choice in the matter that we have is our willingness to surrender to the process or resist and sabotage our evolution. Despite our efforts to attempt to control and manipulate, the heavens see to it that our lives are appointed in the direction required of the soul. UNCOMFORTABLE for our fragile selfish ego.

Expect all forms of security ( our personal world as we know it) to begin to dismantle itself without your permission. That marriage you know didn’t serve you and you were guided to leave and didn’t. Well… Now that person will get instructions to randomly, courageously leave. Often times with no logical reasoning that we find palatable. That job you hated and lost all your personal power in, and wasn’t in alignment with your core values…Will fire you, lay you off. You heard the guidance ” it’s time to leave now, your work here is done.” And you’ve provided an excuse to not be empowered. “I’ll stay for the money,” ” I can’t just quit I have a mortgage and bills to pay.” The list goes on and on. The truth is fear of change has most of us trapped living lives that doesn’t resonate with our soul. The moment we choose not to follow guidance, heaven takes over and takes action for you. However it’s not an act of punishment of course. The purpose is to guide you into deeper experiences and higher levels of your soul.

Listen, trust divine intervention and guidance. Give up the need to control, and allow transformation and empowerment be the reason you make conscious choices for you life.

P.S. Try to enjoy the ride, we’re the generation creating the new frontier for global cosmic living.